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Hares and bunnies

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A collection of loveable bunnies.

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bunny Christmas tree skirt     rabbit_topper.jpg (126901 bytes)
Bunnies & Eggs   A Tree For All Seasons    no.1057

Made with wool felt and embroidery floss ~ very easy projects.  Pattern includes tree skirt, tree topper, garlands, candles, ornies, Bunny in an egg  and more.


    Gardenia Rose     no. 222

  Mary "Lizabeth O’Hara and Jon Boy    no. 127

God is in charge of flowers and trees. I am in charge of weeds and seeds.  Pattern includes 32" rabbit and 6" rabbit in a painted gardening glove. The stitchery apron can be made into a sampler or pillow top.

This bunny family will hop right into your heart. Pattern includes 19" boy and girl, 6" jointed baby and carrot patch mini quilt.


     Santa’s Bag       no. 132

     Sarah Twoliter     no. 105

What does Santa have in his bag? Take a look and you will find a jointed rabbit, Humpty with button legs and arms, a hobbyhorse, a gingerbread boy and a raggedy Ann. Pattern includes bag and 6" toys.


Why does Sarah sit so prim and proper? Her secret is her body – it is a 2-liter soda bottle. An adorable rabbit with lots of personality. Pattern includes 24" sitting rabbit with painted face.

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     Angel Hares       no. 115

   Every Bunny Welcome    no. 203

Every home needs an angel to watch over it. Whether Victorian or country here’s your bunny angel. Pattern includes 3 different 16" tall and skinny bunny angels.

Oh no!!!! Another gray hare – actually 4 delightful bunny appliqués and a large fuzzy white bunny to cuddle. Pattern includes 9" x 34" welcome wall hanging with bunny appliqués' (very easy to make and no appliqué skills needed) and a 21" bunny.

    Seeds & Weeds     no. 226

     Stitched with Love     no. 220

God is in charge of flowers and trees; I am in charge of seeds and weeds. Pattern includes vest, jumper (S-XL), 2 stitchery mini quilts - boy rabbit sitting with carrots and girl rabbit sitting with carrots, painted seed packet and painted shrink art buttons – boy, girl, seed packet.

Three fun and easy samplers used as panels on the back of a vest, made into pillows or framed.  Pattern includes flag, snowman and rabbit stitcheries.

     Jennifer Rae     no. 196

    Honey, Bunny & Kitty    no. 126

1 for you, 2 for me, 1 for you, 3 for me – all for me! Jennifer! is that how we share?  Pattern includes 24" and 6" rabbits made from tea dyed cotton batting.

These critters are fishing, playing, eating and just plain quick and easy to make.  Pattern includes 6" bunny, cat and bear.

    Seed Packets     no. 101

  Christmas Seed Packets   no. 104

Carrot seeds… Hare raising good; Watermelon seeds… Seed spittin’ good.  Pattern includes 5" rabbit, cow, pig, boy, girl, bear and cat in easy to paint seed packets.

Grass seed… udderly delicious; Paw Paw seeds… purr-fectly divine. Pattern includes 6 ½" rabbit, cow, pig, boy, girl, bear and cat in easy to paint Christmas stocking seed packets.

     Santa Critters    no. 129

     Halloween Critters     no. 133

Add quick and easy rabbit, bear or kitty Santa to your Christmas ornament collection.  Pattern includes 6" rabbit, bear or kitty, each holding a different Christmas tree.

Whoooo goes there? It’s a black cat, a bunny pumpkin, a beary cute witch and a not very scary ghost. Pattern includes 6" critters and instructions for making a wreath and garland.

     You Are What You Eat    no. 156

      Missy, Misty & Mitsy     no. 121

What is sure to make anyone laugh? A rabbit with a carrot body, a crow with a sunflower body and a darling little girl with a watermelon body. Pattern includes 15" rabbit, crow and girl.

Country cousins sharing a day of fun and mischief. Pattern includes 6" rabbit, cat and 8" reindeer.


    Leslie Lynne     no. 107

    School or Fishin’     no. 122

Hop into wearable art with this cute bunny and cuddle an adorable bunny to cuddle.  Pattern includes appliqued bunny head with very easy to paint face and 21" bunny with painted face.

Learnin’ first, but I’d rather be fishin’! Let’s play hooky? Pattern includes 15" tall and skinny bunny, kitten, and pig boy and girl.

  Rabbit and a chicken on a stick    no. 257

Mr. Rooster stands proud and tall, Mr. Rabbit paints Easter eggs for all.  Stitchery - Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise -- NOT!  Pattern includes 18" Rabbit and a 22" chicken on a wooden base.



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