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In the good ol' Summer Time

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A collection of all things summer - bugs, Americana, frogs and more.

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     Miss Liberty       no. 224


Bugzy & Bugzelda Croaker
no. 215

My country tis of thee, Sweet land of Liberty of thee I sew.  Pattern includes 32" rag doll with stitchery apron.


Cooking for her family is Bugzelda’s favorite pastime. She only cooks from the Betty Croaker Cookbook, such epicurean delights as Lilypad casserole and Chigger Soufflé.  Pattern includes cookbook with 7 recipes, 18" boy and girl frog and 8" tadpole.

   Mistletoad    no. 227

Leonard & Lilly Pad     no. 234

Did you know that if you kiss under the Mistletoad it will keep warts away toadally?  Pattern includes 15" boy and girl frog and 6" tadpole.

Lily is the owner of the all you can eat LadyBug café and Leonard manages the Lily Pad Estates.  Pattern includes 20" boy and girl frog with 4" ladybugs that can be made into a pin.

      Bumble & Bea     no. 238

       Lady Bug      no. 239

Bumblebee, bumblebee, fly to the flowers and trees. Pollinating fruits and flowers just for me!  Pattern includes 13" boy and girl and 4" bee that can be made into a pin.

Ladybug, ladybug fly away home.  Pattern includes 13" and 4" ladybug doll made of felt or wool.

       Grasshopper      no. 240

     Spring     no. 247

Oh so green, oh so cute! Get a look at those legs.  Pattern includes 18" boy and girl.

For Everything there is a season From one small seed of kindness friendship grows.  Pattern includes 36" x 42" wall hanging and Raggedy Annie and Andrew sampler.

         Summer     no. 248

     Uncle Sam &  chicken on stick    no. 253  

For Everything there is a season  Weed out bad thoughts.  Pattern includes 36" x 42" wall hanging and Raggettie Annie and Andrew sampler.

Mr. Rooster stands proud and tall, Uncle Sam wants y'all.  Stitchery - Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise -- NOT! Pattern includes 18" Doll and a 22" chicken on a wooden base.


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